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Tips to use Greenery in Home Interior

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Decorating with plants, flowers, and greenery is a great way to add color and interest to your home decor. Adding greenery to your home is a trend that never goes out of style. From moss terrariums to lush potted plants, greenery can make a room look and feel fresher. Not only do plants add oxygen to the space, but they elevate any look and take it to the next level.  

Choose plants that will do well in your space:
  Do you know the most unattractive type of plant you can use to decorate your space? A dead one. Before you head to your local nursery, research the best types of plants for the conditions in which you plan on keeping them. Don’t forget to factor in access to sunlight, space to grow, and what level of maintenance you can realistically keep up with.  

Get creative with plant displays:
  While a potted plant in the corner is always a tried and true option, there are plenty of unique and interesting ways to use greenery to enhance your space. Large statement floor plants, elaborate centerpieces, refreshing wall planters, luscious hanging baskets—there are a million different creative displays these days you can DIY, find at the store, or order online!  

Hang The Plants:
One of the best ideas and trends that everyone prefers is hanging plants in your home. It doesn’t need much maintenance. Damn sure hanging plants in an interior can make it really pop and also add a new layer to your décor. Such an unexpected touch really makes your space memorable. You can hang them on the balcony or living area that will add a natural touch to your house.  

Beautify Your Home Entrances:
The entrance should always feel pleasant and warm. Decorating with plants on the entrance will add color, and textures to the space that will surely make your entrance the center of all attention. So, just having indoor plants all over the entrance of your house makes your space look more vibrant. It does not only bring life to your space but also the flower blossoms and the planters make it look inviting for the guests.

Beautiful Kitchen with House Plants:
Plants are very effective in creating an impressive modern kitchen. Plants with sprawling open leaves are great kitchen decor. It will add charm to your kitchen and give you a healthy kitchen interior so that you can enjoy cooking. You can also add some extra beauty by hanging green plants on the ceiling of your kitchen. So, decorate the kitchen interiors with green plants and give a unique look.